Welcome To Equine Veterinary Care

Equine Veterinary Care was established in 1993 at Fair Hill Training Center, located in the northeast corner of Maryland bordered by Pennsylvania and Delaware, easily accessible and only 15 minutes from I-95. A four doctor practice with ambulatory, inpatient and outpatient components, Equine Veterinary Care offers a wide variety of state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment modalities.

We specialize in sports medicine cases, soundness issues, digital imaging and pre-purchase evaluations of race and sport horses. In addition at our clinic, we offer intensive medical care of colic patients, respiratory cases and severe wounds and perform elective surgical procedures.

But most of all, we look forward to helping you and your horse succeed!


  • Cryosurgery "Freeze Firing"

    With the use of various sub-zero temperature liquid nitrogen cooled probes, we provide “Freeze Firing” of minor orthopedic ailments such as “Curbs” and “Splints” and cryosurgery of locally invasive tumors such as sarcoids, melanomas and squamous cell carcinomas, etc.

  • Digital Medical Records & Online Billing

    By using wirelessly networked computers and state-of-the-art veterinary practice management software both in our veterinarian’s trucks and throughout our clinic to input invoices, patient history, physical exam findings and diagnostic test results, our team is able to recall detailed information about your horse and provide you with up-to-date billing information. For instance, if your horse moves locations, we can easily forward a complete digital medical history to your trainer or stable. If a referral to another hospital is needed, we can seamlessly share laboratory test results.
    We offer emailed account statements in addition to accepting online appointment requests.
    Payment options include PayPal, CareCredit and all major credit cards.

  • Acell Therapy

    ACell is a commercially available purified collagen-rich biologic matrix that induces the migration of the body’s cells into a site of soft tissue damage to stimulate healing. After the supplied powder is dissolved, the medication is injected directly into the site of injury within a tendon or ligament. Also created as a sheet to cover severe wounds, ACell can act as a biologic scaffold speeding the influx of epithelial cells to help cover a healthy granulation tissue bed.