Digital Ultrasound

With instantaneous image acquisition and superior resolution, our MyLab 30 Gold Digital Ultrasound units provide our veterinarians with an immediate diagnosis and excellent high quality images that can be emailed or "burned” to a CD for our clients, referring veterinarians or referral hospitals prior to surgery or other treatment. The images are stored both on our in-house Image Server and at an off-site facility so that they are readily available to you or your veterinarian in the future. In addition, they can be displayed on a secured imaging website to allow immediate access in their original DICOM format.

Under real-time ultrasonographic guidance, our veterinarians can precisely deliver a variety of intra-articular medications to difficult to reach locations such as the back, Sacroiliac joints, Hip joints, and Cervical vertebral facets. In addition, Stem Cells, ACell, PRP, Bone Marrow, etc. can be directly injected with ultrasound guidance into tendon and ligament lesions at the specific site of injury.